Auquan's Weekly Wrap | 14th- 20th January: What you might have missed

Proposed changes to EU pharma law to tackle medicine shortages, Germany mine expansion protests and more...

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EU Medicine Shortage

Romain Lafabregue/AFP via Getty Images

Europe is facing a shortage of essential medicines, including antibiotics, due to problems in the sector, such as the gradual migration of generic manufacturing to Asia and bans and unofficial controls on exports. The proposed changes to the European Union pharmaceuticals law, which will aim to tackle medicine shortages, could affect pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Novartis, among others, as they may have to increase production and comply with more substantial obligations for the supply of medicines.

RWE Germany Mine Expansion Protests

 Christian Mang | Reuters

Germany's Greens party has faced backlash from environmental activists over its role in approving the demolition of a village to expand a coal mine operated by RWE. The party has defended the move, arguing it was able to secure a faster coal phase-out by eight years in exchange for approving the expansion, but environmental activists have criticized it for not doing enough to prioritize climate change policies. Activists have said Germany should not be mining any more lignite or brown coal and should focus on expanding renewable energy instead.

Global Egg Shortage

The global egg shortage is affecting major egg producers and suppliers as countries like Malaysia, New Zealand, and India faces acute shortages and increase their imports to meet the demand. New Zealand is facing a nationwide shortage due to a government ban on battery-caged hens while India is set to export a record 50 million eggs this month, boosted by sales to Malaysia. Egg shortages in November last year resulted in UK supermarkets such as Asda, Ocado and Tesco putting restrictions on how many eggs customers could buy.

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