Auquan's Weekly Wrap | 26th - 2nd December: What you might have missed

Invasion of privacy by RELX and Thomson Reuters. Bayer and BASP's chemical application linked to cancer risk. South Korean truckers' strike cost $1.2 bln in lost shipments.

Adobe Stock / Piyawat Nandeenoparit
Adobe Stock / Piyawat Nandeenoparit

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Data Brokers: Personal Information Exploitation

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There are rising concerns over data brokers' exploitation of personal information, with privacy advocates expressing the need for more regulatory oversight. RELX and Thomson Reuters have been linked with the huge amount of personal data they provide to governments and police.

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Agrochemical Risks and Lawsuits

Bayer and BASP's vaporized/airborne application of chemicals in their herbicide products are under increasing scrutiny. Auquan has surfaced an uptick of research studies linking the chemical to cancer risk after the levels of the weedkiller dicamba have more than tripled in the urine samples of people in the Midwest with 10 Roundup trials scheduled through June 2023.

Byungwook Kim / Reuters

South Korea Truckers Strike

The South Korean government has failed to reach a deal with striking truck drivers. Kumho Tire Co Inc, South Korea's No. 2 tire maker, responsible for 65% of its sales from export is cutting 15% to 40% of production at two factories due to the shipment disruptions. Samsung Electronics' Gwangju plant, which mainly produces refrigerators and air conditioners, have also been halted.

Nigeria Fuel Shortage

Africa PhotoBank / David Keith Jones

The lingering fuel scarcity has compounded the woes of millions of Nigerians struggling to survive the inflationary period as prices of items continue to make a rapid climb. A litre of petrol in Lagos sells for as high as N250-N300 from N170 two months ago, choking cash-strapped Nigerians who are already grappling with high prices of goods and services, with production consequences for the cocoa industry.

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