Auquan's Weekly Wrap | 10th- 16th December: What you might have missed

Hellofresh allegations of extreme worker welfare: drug abuse, bribery, sexual harassment

Auquan's Weekly Wrap |  10th- 16th December: What you might have missed
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HelloFresh Employee Abuse

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Auquan highlighted reports of animal abuse (monkey slave labour) in Hellofresh's supply chain three weeks ago an E. coli outbreak from its ground beef in September. Even more controversy surrounds the company: a local Swedish paper exposes terrible employee welfare (working hours, drug use, sexual harassment) and bribery/bought contracts within the Bjuv facility - triggering an investigation by the chairman of the municipal board in Bjuv.

Hair Product Lawsuits

Dark & Lovely (owned by L'Oréal) allegedly failed to disclose known hazards linked with the product, which led to an Illinois woman developing endometrial cancer. Auquan have surfaced a growing number of similar lawsuits, unravelling after an initial report from the National Cancer Research Insititute. Unilever and Procter & Gamble, are exposed via their products to evolving hair-relaxing cancer litigations.

Philips Faulty Respirator Recall


One of the lawyers, Chris Seeger, handling the mass claim against Philips, said that Philips lied about the devices' safety up to the June 2021 recall, despite warnings from its suppliers to stop using polyester foam in its masks to reduce noise in 2016. 'People are still using these defective machines even though we're dealing with a Class 1 recall operation,' he said. This follows the FDA reporting 21,000 cases between August to October 2022, and 91 more deaths. Philips says it is currently negotiating with around 60,000 people who have filed claims.

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